What is an IMDS Number?

IMDS is an internet-based platform designed to collect and share the chemical composition of automotive components within the supply chain. Automotive component manufactures can upload the complete chemical composition of their products along with its name, number and weight in the online IMDS platform.  Each record within the IMDS system represents a component or material and is  assigned a unique number. This number is usually referenced as an IMDS number which  is also used in PPAP.

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Our IMDS professionals can not only help you in getting an IMDS number but also send the IMDS to your customer !

We specialize in providing IMDS consulting and data entry services to automotive and electronic component manufacturers.   

Our IMDS professionals have more than 15 years of experience in managing IMDS compliance. Our IMDS team are equally adept at managing simple as well as complex assemblies. Let our team manage IMDS compliance for your company  so your personnel can focus on their core business goals.

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Our Process is Simple :

  • Step 1- We understand the complexity of the project, like the number of parts and suppliers involved.
  • Step 2 – We send a proposal and collect product details such as part names, part numbers and weights.
  • Step 3 –Our IMDS Professionals will collect IMDS data from supplier, create IMDS data sheet for product and get the IMDS accepted from your customer.
  • Step 4 – Raise invoice after the IMDS is accepted by customer.

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What is IMDS ?

IMDS is an internet based platform for the automobile industry. IMDS facilitates automotive component’s manufacturers to meet the ELV (End of life vehicles directive) and several other environmental obligations placed on them. In order to use the IMDS system, automotive companies have to register their company on mdsystem.com. Post registration, they get a unique IMDS account number, user ID and password to manage IMDS activities. 

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What is CAMDS ?

CAMDS is a Chinese platform for the automotive industry. China has launched this platform for managing its “Recycling and Reutilization Policy of automotive Products”. The CAMDS objectives are similar to ELV directive- (The ELV directive aims at reduction of waste arising from end-of-life vehicles). CAMDS platform is similar to  the IMDS platform as it requires automotive suppliers to report the Full material disclosure of their products.  

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What is ELV – (End of life Vehicles)

Every year, motor vehicles which have reached the end of their useful lives create millions of tons of waste. The ELV directive was adopted by the European Union to tackle the problem of ever-growing automotive waste. 

ELV Goals:

  1. Reduce the use of hazardous substances in vehicles.
  2. Increase the reuse rate of Automotive components and materials.
  3. Increase the demand for recycled material.

Elements such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium are prohibited except for a few applications which will be eventually phased-out completely.

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