• Our team has successfully completed IMDS projects for more than 200 companies across the globe. 
  • It takes time to learn the IMDS system. You could save this time by hiring us and focus on running your business.
  • Our work is on time, on budget. Our team communicates clearly so that progress and process are understood.
  • We stay engaged throughout the project.

We have listed a few products for which IMDS data sheets and IMDS numbers have been created by our team.

Bumper Exterior Lighting Mirror
Adhesives Capacitors Inductors
Brake Liners Fastners Wires
Cables Seat Belts Straps
Hinges Batteries Labels
Gaskets Heat Sinks Power resistors
Top Lights Coatings and Platings Logos
Filters Molded Parts Motors
Polymers Steel Springs Rubber Pads
PCB- Printed Circuit Boards

We also assist in managing CAMDS compliance.

Our IMDS professionals can perform the following tasks on your behalf:

  1. Create IMDS data sheets for components, materials and Sub-component assemblies. 
  2. Request IMDS submissions from the suppliers.
  3. Coordinate with customers for getting the IMDS report accepted.
  4. Provide IMDS numbers and PDF reports for IMDS submissions accepted by customers.